About Us


About Us

The concept behind French Fancy’s: To bring something different to Weybridge. We are a team of three and we are inspired by the 1920’s which is all about glamour, sophistication, and of course in ‘Art Deco’.

We want to bring this together with a tradition that has somehow been lost in the abundance of coffee shops on our high streets. We’re talking ‘TEA’ there is a world of teas to explore so we want to open people’s eyes and wake up your taste buds again. Along with the tradition of tea drinking, we also want to bring back afternoon teas, high teas, lunches and lots of homemade cakes.

At French Fancy’s we want to bring back the love of tea, food, jazz, cocktails and of course champagne. All this wrapped up in our passion love and second to none customer service. Come on your own, with family and friends, we also invite private functions, ladies afternoon, gents afternoon, and not forgetting something special for the little ones. We look forward to your company.


1920s History

For many, the ‘Roaring Twenties’ were a time of fun, parties, prosperity, jazz music and frantic dancing.

It was also called ‘The Jazz Age’. New dances and music were all the rage, the ‘Charleston’, the ‘Black Bottom’ and jazz. Jazz evolved from black music and became almost the only way that Blacks could be successful in America.
Jazz clubs were especially popular during Prohibition.

In 1920 all women got the vote. ‘Flappers’ were young, liberated women of the 1920s, who smoked in public, wore short dresses and drove their own cars. This produced a great change in American society. For the first time women began to make a mark of their own. Instead of having to play second fiddle to men, women began to demand recognition.

Many of the most famous film stars of the 1920s were women. In the 1930s, it was women film stars who attracted all of the attention.

But the Roaring Twenties was not just about film stars, music and flappers. It was a time when the USA was confident. It had won the First World War (or so Americans thought), it had sorted out the problems of the ‘Old World’ and now it could look forward to a bright and certain future.

There seemed to be no reason why people could not go on getting richer and why life could not go on getting easier.




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